Temp_043_low_resHave you considered owning your own Mobile Eye Clinic?

Mobile Vision Solutions specialises in designing and building bespoke Mobile Eye Clinics with a fully-equipped consulting room and integrated showroom.

  • No Rents or Rates to pay
  • Only a standard car driving licence required
  • Become the local community Optician for maybe 10 or 20 different communities

If you are looking to start your own business, or buying an existing Optician practice, one of the biggest stumbling blocks is finding the right location.  Then there is the cost of shopfitting your retail space - this could be a substantial sum in itself - and then you have rent and rates to pay every month.

With a Mobile Eye Clinic, the cost of purchasing your own unit is perhaps equivalent to the cost of shopfitting a retail space; except that once you've bought it, you own it outright - it's an asset and you will never have to pay rent or rates to anyone.

You can negotiate to open to the public in locations such as Parish Council carparks, local library car parks or small village community car parks and become the local community Optician - except you can attend various different locations throughout the working month.

You may also have the opportunity to open at nursing homes and residential retirement villages or even agree with your local GP to offer Eye Clinic days from the local GP's car park.

The opportunities are endless ...

For more details or to organise a visit to view our fully-equipped demonstration unit please call us on 0845 456 20 20.